About Us

Welcome to our blog. We are Kelly & Charlie from Atlanta, GA. We purchased a new Tiffin Allegro Bus, 40AP model, in April 2016. Less than a year prior we had never envisioned ourselves driving an RV and pulling a ‘toad’. It was the farthest thing from our minds. However, we both took early retirement from our jobs and were looking for a new adventure. We had a desire to travel around North America and experience all it has to offer. We had a dilemma though. We didn’t want to leave our toys at home: Golf Clubs, Bicycles, Kayak, Hiking stuff, and especially the photography equipment. Additionally, we didn’t want to live out of hotel rooms and consistently eat in restaurants. Kelly loves to cook gourmet meals and prefers to use her own tools, pots, pans, spices, etc. We also like to have a good bottle of wine on hand for those great dinners. So what were we to do? We needed a way to take everything with us.

Initially we thought the best way to accomplish this task was to get a small motorhome. Charlie drove by a class C motorhome dealership and after touring the many models he concluded that it would be our chariot to adventures.

Then came the research. Charlie stayed on the Internet for endless hours researching every blog and forum he could find. Kelly said it could not be that difficult to make a decision. But alas, it was! Charlie determined that a Class C just wouldn’t fit our space and comfort needs. Therefore, we moved the search to a Class A motorhome. The next dilemma was Gas or Diesel? After more research Diesel won out.

We chose a Tiffin motorhome for its high quality and after-the-sale support. We also appreciated the fact that you could watch your RV being built in the factory, and that the factory is just a few hours away from Atlanta, in Red Bay, Alabama.

After much more research, and many visits to RV dealers, we honed in on a 40’ Phaeton model. We were confident that it would fit our needs. Before ordering though we wanted to make sure that the RV lifestyle would suit us. We are not campers and have little desire for a camping lifestyle. Therefore, we were a little concerned.

To address our concerns, we decided to crash a Tiffin Rally for owners in nearby Sevierville, TN. This gave us the opportunity to meet owners of nearly 200 Tiffin motorhomes. We learned a lot, including that RV’ing is not at all like camping. We walked away with confidence that getting an RV was a great decision. However, we were not as confident that the Phaeton was the model for us. We needed to do a little more research, and take some test drives. In the end, we decided that the Allegro Bus better met our criteria and life style.

We traveled to the plant in Red Bay to watch the build process. It was amazing to have the opportunity to walk with our RV throughout the entire build process. It also gave us an opportunity to meet other soon-to-be Tiffin owners.

We picked up the rig on April 4th, 2016 and started with a 7-week trip to break it, and us, in. This was our first experience with an RV and we really enjoyed it. We will be RV’ing on a part time basis.

We have learned a lot of essential tips and gathered great ideas of places to explore from a multitude of RV bloggers. In turn, we are looking forward to sharing our experiences and adventures with you as we travel across North America in our home-on-wheels.

Best Regards,

Kelly & Charlie (KC)