Galax, VA – Deer Creek Motorcoach Resort, May 1- 4, 2016

Galax, VA – Deer Creek Motorcoach Resort, May 1- 4, 2016

Deer Creek is a Class A Motorcoach lot ownership community located in the Blue Ridge Mountain region. It is a very nice resort and the owners were very welcoming. We had met one of the couples, Mary Anne and Mike, previously at a Tiffin Rally. They were kind enough to invite us up for a few nights, at no cost. It gave us an opportunity to explore the area and to see what a Class A Motorcoach ownership community was like. We arrived on a dreary, overcast day.

Mt. Airy, NC is not far from the resort. This is the city where Andy Griffith is from, and the city he re-invents in his show, as Mayberry. The city has a lot of memorabilia, and we enjoyed taking a trip back in time.

We had breakfast at ‘Snappy’s Lunch’. This is the only business referenced in the Andy Griffith show by name. They are known for their pork chop sandwiches. We didn’t get to try those though, as it was too early when we arrived. Snappy’s does not appear to have any glassware, as beverages are served in styrofoam and food is wrapped up as if it was ordered to go. I imagine this is how things were 50 years ago. We enjoyed the food, as well as the experience.

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We toured the Andy Griffith Museum, which was very enlightening for me. I hadn’t realized how much Andy Griffith had accomplished in his lifetime until I took the tour. While strolling around town we found the Mayberry Courthouse and Wally’s Service Station. Both brought back fond memories of the TV show. For a fee you can take a ride in the police car.

Just outside of Mt. Airy is Pilot Mountain State Park. We stopped by there for a little sight seeing. Charlie wasn’t feeling very well so we parked in the upper lot and took a short hike to the peak. The views were spectacular.

The weather was better than expected during our 3 day visit. Per the forecast, we expected lots of rain. We ended up with 70-80 degree temps and overcast skies during the day with rain at night. Perfect!

If you are ever in the area I highly suggest you check out Deer Creek. They offer 3 nights for free.

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