Trinidad, our last stop in CA

Trinidad, our last stop in CA

We left Point Reyes, CA on a rainy morning and headed north up Hwy 101 to Trinidad, CA. Hwy 101 is very scenic in Northern California. At one point beautiful Redwoods surrounded us.

We stopped by a cute roadside store and learned that it was not only Redwood country, but Big Foot country too!

It was late afternoon when we finally arrived in Trinidad. We had a brief reprieve from the rain so after dropping the RV off at our campground we headed out to the Redwood National Park. We had just enough time to get a walk in along the Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail and a drive along the Newton B. Drury Scenic Pkwy before sunset, and before the rain returned. It is amazing to see these mammoth trees up close.

The rain was relentless all night long. We had planned on spending some time hiking at Patrick’s Point State Park, just across the street from our campground, but the ground was saturated and we didn’t have a desire to tromp through the mud. Instead, we decided to check out the small town of Trinidad, with a population of less than 400. We found a very nice trail around the peninsula and as we got to the top lookout point the weather cleared and we were blessed with some beautiful scenery. By the end of the hike the rain returned. There’s a small restaurant at the town’s pier, conveniently located at the end of the hiking trail, called Seascapes. We grabbed a light lunch there and then made our way to Eureka for restocking of groceries.

We enjoyed our short visit to Trinidad. It is a beautiful area of the country. We would have enjoyed a little more time there. After two nights we moved further north, up Hwy 101 to Bandon, Oregon.

Where we stayed:

Azalea Glen RV Park. It was a little tight getting our 40’ Motorhome into the small campground, as there is a very narrow bridge with tight turns you have to maneuver, but once in we had a roomy site. The park is in a perfect location for sightseeing and hiking the Redwood country and coastline.

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  1. Well, as much as all the rain must have been a bummer, I’m glad you got some nice reprieves and were able to go check out the scenery. Love the photo of you all standing inside the tree! Having someone standing near one of those behemoths is really the only way to show how big they are. The Redwoods really are spectacular. Even more spectacular? Bigfoot! How did we miss that?? Dammit!! Welp, looks like we’re headed back to Northern California after all!!😂

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