New York State – Aug 11-14, 2016

New York State – Aug 11-14, 2016

August 11th – We spent last night at Twin Groves Campground in Pine Grove, PA. We were happy to get a pull-in site where we did not have to unhook the Jeep, as we had no plans of touring the area. Rain was in the forecast and it was very hot and humid. In the morning, after a night of non-stop rain, we left Pine Grove and headed up to Saugerties, NY arriving early afternoon. We arrived right along with another downpour of rain. We can’t seem to get away from it. We backed the RV into our spot and jumped into the car, as we wanted to get over to Rhinebeck Aerodome for a tour.

Charlie enjoyed seeing all of the Vintage WWI planes. The Aerodome does a spectacular job of displaying the planes. They have 3 large hangars, and indoor museum, and many outdoor structures you can walk through. On the weekends they actually fly some of the planes. They also have a number of old cars and motorcycles from the WWI era. We were blessed with no rain during our tour, but it sure was hot and humid.

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Following the tour we drove onward, to the city of Rhinebeck. Of course it started to pour down rain just as we arrived. We searched out a coffee shop and found Samuels; a quaint little coffee/candy shop in a quaint little town. The shelves were stocked with candy from my childhood. The shop was colorful and inviting. I loved it. We enjoyed coffee and toffees while waiting for the rain to cease.

We then strolled down the street and found what is apparently the oldest Inn in the US. We went in and found a nice little bar to have a drink.

We arrived back at the campground just as, you guessed it, the clouds opened up and dumped a ton of rain on us. We thought it would never end.

August 12th – We headed up to Albany, NY and parked the RV in a Walmart parking lot, unhooked the Jeep and headed over to see a business associate of Charlie’s for lunch. I left a little early and headed up to Saratoga Springs to visit some of my old work colleagues. It was great to have an opportunity to see everybody. Afterwards, Charlie and I met up, hooked up the Jeep to the RV, and hit the road. We drove up to Westport, NY where we will be staying for 5 days. Our campground, Barber Homestead, is right on Lake Champlain, although the lake is hidden behind trees for the most part. The park is surrounded by rolling fields of farm land, with mountains in the background. It is a very pretty area. The weather for the weekend is predicted to be hot and wet.

August 13th – We caught a break in the rain and decided to head out for a scenic drive. Actually, we were in search of a coffee shop that offered WiFi, as the internet at the campground was lackluster and there is no Cell Service (for AT&T). We drove up to Essex, NY and found the Pink Pig Café. We also found many pretty flowers, and what we thought to be unique trees, throughout the village.

After our coffee break we drove up to the AuSable Chasm. It is considered to be NY’s version of the Grand Canyon. Of course when we arrived, so did the ominously dark clouds. We strolled through the museum area and snapped a picture of the AuSable River, but declined to take the walking tours down into the Chasm area due to the pending storm.

Ausable River

We headed back to the campground and got into the RV just as the rain started again. Can’t seem to get away from it. We have been fortunate enough though to get many activities in during the rain breaks.

August 14th – It looks like the rain might hold off today so we are heading over to Burlington, VT for the Air Show. We decided to drive, as opposed to taking the ferry since we wanted to see the countryside. We stumbled upon Crown Point, a historic site where they were hosting a Revolutionary battle. They went all out, putting up tents and even camping out there. It was pretty neat to experience.

The rain held off for the air show. We enjoyed watching the jets and strolling through Burlington. Funny story – as we pulled into the city I told Charlie ‘I’ve been here before.’ Turns out, I had a business meeting here a few years ago. I had totally forgotten. That’s how distant work is from my mind.

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After a great day in Burlintgon, VT we headed back to the Campground and cooked up some Pecan Crusted Trout. Before we left Atlanta I stocked up on frozen seafood from Kathleen’s Seafood Store in John’s Creek, GA ( I will be sad when we run out, as the quality of her seafood is exceptionally high. Then again, I’m sure we will get our fair share of awesome seafood in PEI, Nova Scotia and Bar Harbor!

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  1. Funny that you visited Rhinebeck. My family has a home there and that place has been practically where I grew up. You could have almost seen our house from the Beekman Arms. My father would go to Sat shows at the Aerodrome quite often when we would be there for the summer. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. The blog is fantastic! Thanks for taking me on your trip😁 AuSable River is breathtaking. Your photography never disappoints Kelly😘 Safe Travels!!!

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