Houston, TX: Feb 16-19, 2017

Houston, TX: Feb 16-19, 2017

We left New Orleans early in the morning Feb. 16th. After stopping at the Houmas House Plantation for a tour we arrived on the outskirts of Houston just before sunset. We decided to drycamp at a 24 hr Walmart just off of I-10, on HWY 146, in Baytown. In the morning, before heading down HWY 146 towards the NASA Johnson Space Center, we checked the radiator coolant level and noted that we had lost about a gallon of coolant since leaving New Orleans. We still couldn’t see where it was leaking from though so we decided to continue on our journey and keep an eye on it.

The drive to the Space Center from Walmart was only about 40 minutes. As soon as we parked the RV we checked the coolant level again and we finally saw where the leak was. The fluid was coming out quite quickly and the issue needed immediate attention. Therefore, instead of visiting the Space Center we headed up to Cummings Southern Plains, about a 30 minute drive away. Their service center was phenomenal. Within 30 minutes they had repaired the leak and hosed down the entire engine compartment with a cleaning solution for us.

We left the Service Center and decided to head over to the Marina Bay RV Resort, where we would be spending the next 2 nights. We chose this resort due to its location. It is 10 minutes from the NASA Space Center and 5 minutes from Lakewood Marina, where we were visiting friends. The Resort is very cramped, more so than any campground we have stayed at. If we had planned on spending any time at all hanging out around the resort we would have chosen a different place to stay. But for us, it worked fine.

The first two pictures below were taken the first evening we were there, just following a significant storm. Very pretty sky.

The next morning we took a nice walk just across the street from the RV Resort. It was a foggy morning, but still pretty.

After our walk we headed over to the Space Center and actually made it inside for a visit. We really enjoyed it.

In the evening we had a great visit with friends at the nearby Marina. The following morning we headed out to Austin. More on that later….

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