Prescott, AZ: Mar. 20-27, 2017

Prescott, AZ: Mar. 20-27, 2017

When we arrived in Prescott the weather was beautiful. It felt cool and refreshing, after having been in Tucson and Phoenix for the past couple of weeks while they were experiencing 15+ degree hotter than normal temperatures. We stayed at the Point of Rocks RV Park. Prescott hadn’t had precipitation for awhile and therefore, the park was quite dusty. The roads and sites are all gravel. Aside from that, we were happy with the site size and the surrounding area. The RV park is adjacent to the Watson Lake Park. After parking the RV we took a walk over to the park/lake. It is a very unusual lake with massive round boulders in and around it.

The photo below is of Point of Rocks RV Resort, as seen from atop the boulders. I decided to climb up and take a picture from above. Who needs a drone, right?

Pictures of Watson Lake and its unique landscape

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During our stay we took a day trip to Jerome. The drive there through the Prescott National Forest was fun, that is if you don’t mind hairpin type turns around steep mountain corners. The weather was perfect for a walk around Jerome. My favorite shop was one that was filled with kaleidoscopes. I could have spent hours in there looking into each and every one on display.

“The town of Jerome”

From Jerome you can see the red rocks of the Sedona area and the snow covered Flagstaff mountains in the distance.


We spotted a pretty neat old truck parked on the street. Based on the plates, I’d say its been around.

On the way back to Prescott we diverted to Mingus Mountain Recreation Area. After entering, we drove up a long dirt road on the edge of the mountain. It took us through the forest, but we ended up at a dead end. The park was closed for the season. We turned around and worked our way back down the mountain.

We returned to the RV exhausted. For the next 2 days we hunkered down. The weather turned cold and rainy. We were happy to have a reason to stay indoors.

The sun came out for the last couple of days we had in Prescott so we seized the opportunity and took a bike ride. We biked the Rails to Trails path along Watson Lake. It was very scenic.

At one point we parked the bikes and climbed up and over the rocks.


We enjoyed the town of Prescott. One street in the square is called Whiskey Row. It was developed after a fire in 1900 destroyed the entire original block. During the rebuilding phase a large number of saloons were added. It is stated that at one point there were 40 of them. The high number of saloons was contributed to the gold rush culture that drew all kinds of settlers, cowboys, prospectors, gamblers, and outlaws to the town. Of course when you put saloons and cowboys together you eventually end up with shootouts. Prescott considers that part of their heritage and has annual shoot out events. Today Whiskey Row is lined with not only saloons, but art galleries, shops and restaurants.

We were able to visit with some great friends while in Prescott and we were able to introduce them to a great restaurant in their town. If you are ever in the area, try out ‘The Local’: . It is a very small, off the beaten path, restaurant with a unique breakfast and lunch menu. Their food is fantastic.


After a week in Prescott we headed off to Sedona. More on that later……


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  1. Kelly, we were in Jerome in Feb., and our favorite show was the kaleidoscope shop ! We just love Jerome, have been there a few times❤

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