Fredericksburg, TX

Fredericksburg, TX

We spent the last 5 nights in Fredericksburg, Texas a town founded by German settlers in the 1800s. We visited the area a couple of years ago, but only for an afternoon, as we were on a day trip out of San Antonio. We decided to return for a longer stay to explore the Nimitz WWII Pacific War Museum and enjoy some of the wineries in the area.

It took a day and a half for Charlie and I to explore the museum. It is one of the best museums we have ever visited.

There is a focus on music in the town and many restaurants have live bands each night. We stopped by Hondo’s and listened to a band called the ‘Almost Patsy Cline Band.’ They were pretty good, but it wasn’t my favorite genre of music.

When I was about ready to fall asleep to Patsy Cline music we decided to go across the street where a more hip hop band was playing at the Crossroads Saloon. We had fun dancing to the music.

One morning we took a recommended scenic drive west, along TX337 to Medina, Vanderpool and Leakey. In Medina we stopped at a fantastic Apple Store. We bought a piece of apple pie which was about the best I’ve ever tasted.

The area between Medina and Leakey is very scenic with rolling hills and country ranches.

Back in Fredericksburg we toured the Vereins Kirche museum. The building housing the museum is a replica of the original building built by the founders. We learned a lot about the challenges the early German settlers had to overcome as they established the town, and how the small town grew over the years to become what it is today.

If you visit Fredericksburg, we suggest the Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant. It is fantastic!

Not too far from Fredericksburg is the Lyndon B Johnson National Historic Ranch. We visited the ranch during our last trip to the area and really enjoyed it. We did not revisit it during this trip, but highly recommend it.

While in Fredericksburg we stayed at the Fredericksburg RV Park. It is a quiet and clean park just a half mile from Main street. The park worked well for us and we’d stay there again.

We are now on our way to Wilcox, AZ to visit the Chiricahua National Monument. We’ll stop on our way in Las Cruzes, NM for the night. Following a couple nights in Wilcox we move onto Tucson. More on that later……

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