Galveston, TX

Galveston, TX

Galveston was not in our original trip plan. However, once we learned that friends of ours, Jon and Cathy Kling (, were going to be at the Jamaica Beach RV Park for the month of January and that Jon would be willing to build me some new cabinets in our RV, we headed that way.

Jon converted 5 paneled spaces to cabinets, giving me a ton of more storage space. I’m quite excited that he was able to do this, especially considering that we are embarking on a 10 month road trip.

The weather ranged from the low 40s, with wind and rain, to the mid 50s. We only had a couple days of sunshine. On one of those nice days we joined Jon and Cathy and took a tour of the Oceanstar Oil Rig. We found it fairly interesting. It is hard for me to imagine working on an oil rig for any length of time.

Down the street from the Oceanstar is a Train Museum, which we also toured. The museum is done very well, offering a lot of interesting history and things to see. It was also enjoyable strolling through all of the trains.

While walking around the old district of Galveston we came upon an old fashion ice cream and candy store called La King’s Confectionery. It brought back memories of similar stores visited in our youth. I wish my 5-year old grand-daughter was with us, as she would have LOVED this store.

We only went out for dinner once, and it was great. We highly recommend Gaidos if you are ever in Galveston. We enjoyed a great dinner with Jon and Cathy.

Not too far from the Jamaica Beach RV Resort is Allex’s Seafood Market where I picked up some locally caught fresh shrimp and Red Snapper. I then made a very yummy dinner.

While at the Jamaica Beach RV park we also had an opportunity to catch up with some fellow Atlanta based RVers, Lisa and Ricky Gonzalez. We saw them for the first time in years last week at the Tiffin Service Center in Red Bay, Alabama. Turns out, they were also heading to Galveston. Small world.

Well, we are back on the road, heading to Fredericksburg, TX. More on that later…

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